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Hi Gary – I’ve been trying to use the WPBD software for a few months now, but I can’t get the animation to run. I’m using the latest version (WPBD 2010, 2nd edition), with 32-bit Win XP with Service Pack 3, IE8 and Sun Java Runtime Environment 6.22 (the latest). I’ve contacted WPBD’s technical support, who’ve suggested that I install 64-bit Java, but Sun’s website won’t let me do this, and I would have thought this would be a very widespread problem across their core audience of US schools. If it’s just me, then I’ll just have to accept that I can’t use this software with my schools, but at least I can let them know that others have been able to get it running.

Two questions: have you or anyone else been able to get the latest version of WPBD running on a Windows PC? Which Windows / browser / Java set-up are you using?

Thank you for any ideas! Jon

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