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 I came across what seems a glitch in http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11977706/XBP/El_ParallelLoops/index.html.

I had frame two showing charges flowing through the wire with the bulbs in parallel. clicking on the magnifying lens in the bottom right segment of the circuit shows the flow of charges disappearing after a short while of flowing to the left.

This is obviously the opposite of what you always stress: the wire does not become emptied of charge!


I tried messaging you before, but thought that no reply indicated it had not reached you. That this comment is visible to others who have signed up to this group, and alerts them to possible problems (and their resolution by you) in what they may have already downloaded does not seem a bad thing to me. Feel free to delete or annotate these posts when problems have been resolved. Or should this be in another group?

Sorry for catching you at a stressful time, Ian but I rather not put off comments or I’ll forget what I meant to say.



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