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Hi Judith – sorry, just spotted this didn’t have a reply.


I’m sorry – I’m struggling to understand some of the details you’re asking about. Have you downloaded the Em.zip file “SPT: Electricity and Magnetism topic (211.2 Mb)” here: https://www.talkphysics.org/groups/1178/forums/3363 ? You’ve “unzipped” it into a folder so there are many .pdf files? Double-clicked on the SPT_11-14_Em_Topic_menu.pdf file?


Which animation are you trying to use – I can’t find one called “MagnetForces”? Please could you let me know which episode (01/02/03/etc.) and thread (PN/TL/TA) you’re using?


Or have you found this resource another way, if so, can you point me at where you found it?


Thanks – Jon

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