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Good specific suggestions:


Suppose there is a specific right lines / wrong track pair that you think is missing – maybe something about falling and atmospheres, for example. It’d be good to know that, better to have a suggestion as to what the words might be. Same for teacher tips.



Suppose there is a teaching activity that you think is core to tackling an issue. Sketch what and why (in general we’ve avoided  experiments that rely on particular whizzy bits of kit, or particular software, to promote access).


Suppose you think the Purpose Header bit of the teaching activities could do with more explicit sharing of reasons for doing an experiment. Try to sketch what kind of things you think ought to be there, and exemplify (1 or 2).


You might like / dislike the style in which the Teaching Approaches Activity X is laid out, and wonder why not all have extensive exemplar dialogue (is this helpful or not)?


Suppose you think there’s an index term missing from a topic. Suggest it, and a nugget or two to which you might expect it to apply.


Suppose you don’t see the rationale for a particular approach in  a topic, say SPT: Radiations and radiating topic, all that stuff about trip times. Locate it, and try and say what or why.


More general:


You really miss the timelines and event maps of old, and think we should try and resurrect them….


You like the graphical summaries that appear at the end of some episodes, but not others, and wonder why one is missing.


You dislike the graphical summaries, and would much rather have a simple list (make concrete with a suggestion for a thread, e.g. Physics Narrative of SPT: Magnetism topic).


There ought / ought not to be 3 minutes U-tube video for each episode, plus why…


I’d really like to see feature ‘X’, so that I could ‘Y’ (use case please, plus sketch of why the current sets of resources prevent you doing ‘Y’).


A reading list for where to find out more on the evidence base for a topic.


Bad suggestions:


‘We’ rather think that SPT should not be like this at all, and should instead be simply a three-side list of top tips and ‘evil’ things that you should never do (besides tax avoidance schemes).


Everyone knows there’s a better way to teach XXX (without indicating out what that is, and why).


Lesson plans (we don’t do lesson plans).


There should be an app for my particular mobile gizmo…


Every teaching approach should be referenced against the research base.




For supporters (for TLCs I’ve made specific suggestions elsewhere), I’d open to less topic specific, longer term commentary (but then the office is always open for that…)


How do you use it and what tools would you like (use cases) for improving access (e.g. attention directors – aka URLs).


How could supporters effectively share their use of it (or indeed other structured / principled resources).


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