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      1. Go directly to a specific TIME in a YouTube video  by adding this to the URL:  #t=<time inseconds> e.g. #t=10

      2. In PowerPoint remember that F5 goes into Slideshow mode – no more fumbling with the mouse finding the hotspot clicking.  F5  (Memory: FIVE like the numbers of fingers you have to use to scratch your head)

      3. Go directly to a page withIN a PDF document by adding this to the document name: #page=<page number>  e.g. mydocument.pdf=page=5

      4. Display the WEEKDAY in Outlook on printouts.  Do you have this problem?  Outlook depends on the “long” date format set for all Windows programs. Open the control panel Regional and Language Settings applet. Choose the option to customize the settings and change the long date format so that it includes the name of the day of the week in the day planner or week calendar views.  If your regional settings don’t offer a long date format that includes the day of the week you can type a new format into the field. Use a format similar to dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy. The set of four d’s represents the full week day name; use ddd for the abbreviated form.


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