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      Making telescopes

      Using a solarscope to observe the sunspots 

      Measuring distances by triangulation

      Using a sequence of sunspot data to calculate the period of rotation of the sun. 

      Using astronomy software packages

      Sign up to use the National Schools Observatory and or the Bradford Robotic Telescope

      Getting involved with the Royal Astronomical Society’s Projects for schools 

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      Can I also add a few:

      Join the Faulkes Telescope Project (live remote control of 2-metre instruments in Hawaii and Australia; http://faulkes-telescope.com) and/or use the educational resources on the FT Moodle (http://resources.faulkes-telescope.com/) – all free!

      Use the “Down to Earth” project Impact Calculator software to look ath effects of asteroid and comet impacts (http://down2earth.eu)

      Try producing colour images using free software like SalsaJ or GimpShop, with raw data from FT, NSO or Bradford, e.g. http://resources.faulkes-telescope.com/course/category.php?id=16)

      Book a Starlab mobile planetarium


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      The European Southern Observatory has lots of resources under its Outreach section , Education. These include using Cepheid variables to measure distance – which I had a job finding exercises on elsewhere


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