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      Hi – uploading a talk that I have previously given to GCSE level pupils trying to cover a variety of astrophysics topics and show how they all link together.  All comments/criticisms welcome.


      Rachael – as per previous email communication, if you have any feedback on this style/level of presentation that would be superb.  I have removed the careers plug for physics at the end, with case studies of my friends for now, as I only had agreement from them to show in talks, not to post online! 


      Hayley Smile

      1289209583flavours of astrophysics.pptx

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      PS, apologies  – given the nature of astrophysics presentations, it’s largely all pictures, but hopefully it’ll mostly make sense and almost in a logical order…


      Astronomy: Visible, Radio and High Energy

      Solar Systems: Our Solar System, Extra Solar Planets, The Sun and the Earth’s magnetic field

      Cosmology:  Hubbles Law, density of the universe, topology of the universe

      Stellar Physics:  Stellar Evolution and Hertsprung Russel Diagram

      Nuclear Astrophysics:  Chart of abundances, fusion/fission, chronology

      Applications of astrophysics.



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