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      Have just spent an hour and a half, on and off, writing a post, which ended up very long.  When I hit “save” (why doesn’t it say “post” or “send”?), I was returned to the log in screen and my post was no more.

      “Not happy” is an understatement.

      What purpose does the automatic time-out serve, please?

      As someone else has stated today (somewhere in this maze that is TalkPhysics), it is nice that email browsers store drafts.

      Haven’t used TP in a month and this hasn’t changed my mind…

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      Thank you for letting us know. I’ll discuss this with our developer on Friday morning – hopefully it will be a quick fix to lengthen this considerably. I’ll let everyone know.

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      We feel that a time-out is necessary to protect the privacy, for instance, of the closed groups for users who are using shared PCs.

      We have set the time-out to 12 hours, so it should only be necessary to log-on once each day.

      We will then work on ensuring that cookies work, so that the “remember me” tickbox on the homepage works correctly for perhaps 60 days at a time. That at least ensures that a user has taken a deliberate decision to remain logged in.

      Fair point about the “Save” button – anyone else got a preferred wording for it?

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      Facebook goes with “comment”, which also seems fine.

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      Yes, “post”.

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