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      This is a rather good balancing game. The main problem with it is the price – but given that it’s mostly wood you ought to be able to make something similar if you really liked it. You have a stand in which sits a cork ball. On the cork ball balances a flat disc and you stack different size and shaped blocked. The cork ball seems crucial. I really rather enjoyed playing this – like the moments game but in 3D. You can get it from here http://www.boardgameguru.co.uk/bamboleo-pizza-4569-p.asp. There are lots of pictures of it here [16]. You could have several pupils playing this at once, it says 2-6 on the box. The version I have has a circular disc but I’ve seen other versions with irregular shaped flat pieces. It doesn’t seem suitable for very young children but with different shaped flat bits this could be quite a challenge from 11 through to 18 year olds. When I next stumble across one I shall try replacing the cork ball with a polystyrene one as I have a feeling that it would work just as well and be easy to make.

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