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      What are the blogs on the Tools -> Blogs page?  They seem to be a torrent of individual posts, rather than anything that I would ordinarily think of as a blog…


      What I click “Your Blog” I just get a blank page.



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      Ah ha! I can help with this one!

      Clicking on “blogs” shows every blog post on every blog in TalkPhysics. Clicking on any entry takes you to the whole blog that contains that entry. For instance, clicking on “one down, two to go” takes you to that blog post, where you can comment on it, if you wish. It’s shown as being written by “SPTNC” (one of Ian Lawrence’s personas in TalkPhysics). In the left-hand menu, you can click on SPTNC’s blog, and it shows you his other entries.

      Clicking on your own is blank, because you haven’t created any blog posts, but when you do so, one of the left-hand menu items is “write a blog post”.

      Does that help?

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