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      None of the box.net links, the ones for downloading the SPT resources work for me at the moment. I’m sure I’ve successfully downloaded them over this link before.


      Would someone be able to check they’re up to date?

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      Now that’s really weird. I can happily download them from school (as long as I circumvent my LEA’s firewall!!), but not from home. And I’ve tried a few times over a couple of weeks.

      Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

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      Hi Griff – I just downloaded Sound without any difficulty ( https://www.talkphysics.org/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=14823&group_guid=166 , https://www.box.net/shared/static/614y12gsr4.zip ), and others began downloading (I didn’t wait for them to finish as well).

      Everything seems to be working as I expect from here. Could you try Sound, and see whether you still have a problem?

      Thank you – Jon

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      Ah, our last messages just crossed. Firewall settings? Jon

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      Will have a look. Firewall settings definitely an issue at school, but on my home connection??


      Any suggestions where to fiddle? ZoneAlarm is my actual firewall, and my ISP is BT using one of their black Homehub things. Would have thought this was a fairly standard setup to have.


      Oddly, I could see the box.net home page from home.

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      Turned computer and router firewalls both off. Still no joy.


      Maybe this is just me, but it would be a real shame if it was a quirk affecting loads of people’s home connections.

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      griff – when you say you can’t download them… what actually happens? An error page or just “nothing” at all?

      All seems to work fine here.  David.

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      Firefox gives me a ‘connection was reset’ error, see below. Internet explorer gives a less helpful general error.


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      Has anyone else suffered the same as Griff?

      Griff – Maybe you can try a few things such as, clearing all cookies, reloading the affected pages, and running a virus/malware scan.


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