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      Planning for 2012/13


      Support due to finish at end of March 2013

      Suggested activities for these 2 terms

      • Follow up from summer school with CB
      • Book EWW show for pupils
      • DoPhysics style session to follow up EWW


      Autumn term


      Spring term

      Autumn term

      Thu 24 Nov 2011 Electricity

      Thu 15 Dec 2011 Waves, planning energy teaching at KS4, equipment check

      Spring term

      Thu 12 Jan 2012 Sound to KS4 and squishy circuits

      Thu 9 Feb 2012 Forces, interaction pairs (data logging)

      Thu 8 Mar 2012 Earth in Space/solar system (Zoe’s last session before maternity leave)


      Summer term

      Thu 3 May 2012

      Thu 24 May 2012

      Thu 28 Jun 2012



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