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      I have followed the instructions on both my laptop and phone and I can download the file perfectly but when I try to open the PDF’s, ADOBE say there is a problem with the PDFs and they are not supported. The error message reads it cant open the PDF as it is either a not supported file type or because the file has become damaged. Can you help please?

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      Are you by any chance trying to open the files which begin with a dot? These look like some hidden files from a Mac perhaps that maybe should not be in the Zip files.

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      It may be that then dot files snuck in due to an ‘upgrade’ to the zipping software breaking something. In earlier verions they were excised…

      Light has, I hope now been corrected.



      1) What’s the version of Adobe Acrobat that you’re using?

      2) Any PDF reader should be able to open the latest versions – build date is 06 May 14.

      3) The whole topic is also available on the web.

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