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      Here is the file for Earth and Space from the first workshop. It is in VUE format; you can get VUE from here:


      We have generated this file by taking the files that people worked on in the workshop:

      – combining them

      – de-duplicating

      – looking for items that most people had deleted and making them a weedy purple colour

      – looking for items that more than one group had kept and keeping them

      – generating statements of physics knowledge (green rectangles) to try to cover all the other types of statement. These are now in the top half.

      So, the attached file has two layers:

      A keepers layer that covers the semi-finalised statements – which are either based on firm results from the meeting or have been generated to cover a vague statement in the bottom half;

      A probably deleters layer which is vague or definite statements which should now be covered by the statements in the keepers layer. We have kept this layer so that you can check that you are happy that nothing has been missed in the keepers layer.


      The next tasks are to

      1. get rid of all extraneous and repeated statements – it’s quite likely that it will mean removing everything that is in the deleters layer of the map (below the gap). However, please do check that the upper statements cover everything. At this stage, you can simply delete stuff that isn’t needed – we have a record of, for example, performance statements, for later use if necessary.

      2 make sure that you are happy with each of the keeper  statements (those in the top half and on the keeper layer) – that they are

      * self contained

      * useful and

      * the physics is correct;

      3. Make some attempt to reduce the number of statements.


      4. With this topic, we might want to distinguish what is physics and what is Earth Science – possibly by having a separate VUE map for Earth Science.


      Please do use this forum to discuss what you are doing. In the first instance, there will be two people working on this file.

      1312907011earth and space flattened.vue

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