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      Afternoon/Morning all


      According to my original schedule, this should have been sent a week back. My apologies, but the arrival of our third little one followed by emergency dental work (and yes, compared to childbirth I know it’s nothing!) means most of last week passed in a blur. So here we are.


      It’s nearly half-term, and it’s one of the long stretches. You’re soon to have a break! But in the meantime, here are a few thoughts for you all.


      Firstly, many thanks to those who have emailed back to me with current whereabouts. If you haven’t, I’d really appreciate a single line with your school and a thumbs up or down to tell me how you’re doing. Hopefully if the Physics part of teaching was a challenge, I would be one of the people you would call. Of course you have many supporters to help – mentors in school, heads of department, NQT/RQT link members of SLT, etc etc – but I’m one of the few who has no role in assessing you. I will never observe or judge your teaching, and I have more time to track down bits and pieces for you. So please do drop me a line if you think I can help.


      Next, can I direct your attention to the pages at http://supportingphysicsteaching.net/ which have not just content, but suggested teaching approaches and ‘tricks of the trade’. They are not always a quick read, but are well worth using as support for teaching a new topic or if something hasn’t been working well for you. Remember, anything like this is CPD which means you should be recording it, for your own reference if nothing else. This helps to show how you are meeting the teaching standards.


      This week’s blog recommendations: Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy (hosted at Slate, http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy.html ) is a great place for images, ideas and explanations of all things above the atmosphere. Great thoughts for starters, or to recommend for more able students as wider reading. For somethng written a little closer to home, Jon Butterworth writes at the Guardian on all kinds of Physics. http://www.theguardian.com/science/life-and-physics




      The Stimulating Physics Network has events coming up, listed on http://www.stimulatingphysics.org/regions-derbyshire-yorkshire-humber-northeast.htm – hopefully as I make links with schools in the area I’ll be running some of these myself. You may already be familiar with the Association for Science education (ASE) which also offers regional events, not always requiring membership; the pages are http://www.ase.org.uk/ase-regions/yorkshire/events/ for Yorkshire and http://www.ase.org.uk/ase-regions/north-east-midlands/events/ for North/East Midlands.


      Teachmeets are less formal events than traditional CPD, with ideas and resources shared by classroom teachers in 2 or 7 minute mini-presentations. I’m sure there are others nearby, but I’ve tracked down dates for Doncaster (KS5 teaching, 18th November) and Sheffield (Creative approaches, 24th November).


      Doncaster: http://teachmeet.pbworks.com/w/page/87492628/KS5%20TeachMeet%20-%2020141118

      Sheffield: http://www.events-in-sheffield.co.uk/event-detail/TeachMeet-Sheffield-3336


      For any questions or discussion, I’d recommend you consider joining TalkPhysics. I’ve set up a group for ‘us’,http:// http://www.talkphysics.org/groups/5418 but there are many specialist areas and many colleagues who will respond to questions or confusion. If you prefer Twitter, you’ve probably already noticed the tag #asechat which is used for all kinds of science teacher discussion.


      Last of all, I’ve put together a very quick survey to find out what you’re after in terms of mentoring support. I promise, this will only take a few minutes! http://tinyurl.com/ian-iop-mentoring will help me to use the time I have most effectively. I’d really appreciate it!



      Hope all is well with you all, and sorry again for the delay in sending this out.

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