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      Email notifications still clunky.  See pictures:





      (I hope that works – can’t work out how to upload images from iPad)


      The subject line is so long that only the generic bit is visible in the main.

      The “from” field just saying “talkphysics” is annoying – I’d so much rather see the name of the user who made the post.

      The first email is bizare, confusing and devoid of useful information.  And I got it twice.

      The second email is better, but the “comment by…” bit is not always there (wouldn’t need at all if “from” field set), the “read more” link needs to be a simple button, not a URL, and the “unsubscribe” bit needs removing altogether, or at least also being a simple hyperlink and not a URL.  The “talk physics” link doesn’t need to be there at all, as the image at the top of the email can be (is?) hyperlinked.  In fact, I’d prefer just to receive the text as written, with just a “reply” button at the bottom.

      Do images get emailed?  And other “rich” additions?


      Posts in general (not just emails) need the spacing between paragraphs removed.  Most of used to word processors hit the carridge return twice for a new paragraph and don’t, generally, rely on the automatic formatting.  Emails are the same.  The resulting posts on TP have two CRs and look odd.


      As always, all in my humble opinion…  🙂





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      Dropbox app annoying.  Why can’t I rename a file?!


      First link, above, should be http://db.tt/KiODQo0y



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      To add to Stuart’s list:

      It was helpful when all talkphysics messages were labelled [TP] because ‘TP’ is a rare combination of letters. That made it easy to search one’s emails. (Ditto ‘PTNC’.)

      Another thing: If you post on PTNC, the email comes through almost immediately. On TP, it can take several minutes or more. More than once I have posted a comment only to find that someone else has done similarly but it hasn’t appeared on the system.


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      Hi – two issues there:


      1) subject & from fields – definitely agree with you! I expect it will be a high priority for us to get back how those emails used to present themselves.


      2) frequency notifications are sent – currently the server is set to send email notifications every 15 minutes. Sounds like it would be useful to raise that frequency? There is a cost, then, in terms of server performance. What would be the longest acceptable delay?

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      Oops, sorry, plus a third issue) the notification devoid of content – yes, these are more prevalent and annoying than I expected. We agreed with the developers that changes to a group (e.g. a new blog post, editing the group homepage, etc.) would cause a notification, but firstly they simply aren’t helpful because they don’t say anything about what changed, and secondly they are far more numerous than they should be. We’re trying to find out why more than one keeps being sent.

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      ONe more: the notification emails used to indicate the group as well as the forum. I think this is pretty important…

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      To respond to Jon’s query about frequency of notifications – now I can see from the timings that messages are timed at 13, 28, 43 and 58 minutes past the hour. Three weeks ago they were at 00, 15, 30, 45.

      On a hot topic, it’s easy to see that 2 people might respond within the same 15 minute interval, unaware of each other’s postings.

      Obviously, the more rapid the notifications the better, but I can’t judge this against the cost ‘in terms of server performance’. So I can see that it’s a balance that you will have to make a decision on. Over to you!

      David (expecting to be notified in 4 minutes)

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      Ah ha! And I’ve just realised something. Took me 6 weeks…


      Everytime someone tags something, an email notification is sent. That’s why I’ve just received 6 (!) notifications from the IoP Teacher Network, London group. Devoid of any content and therefore really annoying.

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      Would it be possible to unsubscribe from notifications about individual threads?

      For example, I have no interest in AQA ISAs as I don’t teach them, after reading the initial post to see if I can help anyway, it would be good to be able to ignore further posts so I can clear my inbox and focus on a. work email, or b. TalkPhysics posts that do interest me.

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      In reply to the points above about the content of the sbject box – if they could be made so that Gmail (for example) can tell that they are part of the same conversation thread (as used to be) this would also help keep my inbox from becoming overly daunting with Talkphysics stuff.

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