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      Is there any way that the bumph can be removed from emails?

      Here’s a recent example:


      Stuart Billington

      The following comment has been added by Stuart Billington to the topic:
      in the TalkPhysics group: News and comment:

      http://www.dropbox.com is new and proving to be very useful — no more  ferrying files on USB drives to and from school, no more keeping two  different versions synched and up to date.  Much easier.However,  the free account is only 2GB, but this can be extended by up to 8GB via  a referral system — new users signing up via a referral from an  existing user gain an extra 0.25GB for both parties.  With a few thousand  in the physics education community potentially wishing to sign up, it seems a huge waste if we don’t  scratch each others’ backs. I’ve set up a TalkPhysics group for us to make/fulfil referrals:  https://www.talkphysics.org/pg/groups/32055/dropbox/If  you haven’t got a Dropbox account, you can leave your email address  there and receive an invite (netting you extra storage) instead of just  signing up directly on the Dropbox website.  If you have got a Dropbox account, you can pick up email  addresses left there and extend your own storage by going to the Dropbox  website and sending out an invitation (“referral”). Hoping it works,Stu



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      The first bit would be easier formatted a little more like an email header, e.g.
      To:  Stuart Billington
      From:  Stuart Billington
      Subject:  Dropbox
      Group:  News and Comment
      in which “Stuart Billington” is hyperlinked to the sender’s profile page, “Dropbox” to the thread and “News and Comment” to the group.
      Then the message and then a “Reply to this message” link that takes you to the input box on the thread’s page.  Nothing else — the discalimer and the instructions aren’t really necessary, are they?  They seem just to be irritating and confusing to me.
      The lack of the “reply” link is perhaps the reason why I don’t reply to any threads — that and the fact that I don’t remain logged in to the site permanently.  (Why is this, by the way?  Facebook and other sites seem able to leave my permanently logged in, even after shutting down and re-starting my computer.)
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      PS  Would be great if the sender of the email could be “TalkPhysics <noreply@iop.org>” rather than “noreply@iop.org”.  Wouldn’t need to clutter the subject line with “[TP]: ” then.

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      PPS Can we have HTML-formatted emails, too?  Much nicer to read.  TalkPhysics is supposed to be an improvement on PTNC, afterall! 🙂

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      Hi Stuart – I’m afraid my answer to a bunch of these will be very similar – please take a look at the post I just made at https://www.talkphysics.org/mod/groups/topicposts.php?topic=32271&group_guid=1290 .

      I agree entirely. If further funding is identified, small changes like your rewording suggestions, will be top priority, now we seem to have got our security and admin access to the user database resolved. I’m not sure about HTML – unless it’s very technically straightforward, it probably doesn’t improve the user experience very much compared to other work we could do (such as some of your other suggestions).

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      Just to add another query about emails. Is there on the future horizon any ideas about a daily/weekly digest email?


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