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      It was a pleasure to talk to everyone about the opportunities offered by the revised NC and GCSE criteria for rethinking the way we talk about energy. I know that there are concerns about our proposals – and I understand how those arise. So please do not feel you have to follow everything that is being suggested in every detail. For example, the new curriculua do not require ‘energy stores’ at Key Stage 3. So it is up to you whether you adopt that language. However, they do not require ‘9 types’ either. So there is an opportunity to have a rethink.

      I have been writing a blog about energy in the new schemes. I am about to post the third weekly piece. And, apart from my summer holiday, I will do these every week for about 8 weeks until the new term.

      Please do comment freely on the bolg or here. Especially if you disagree!

      The attached powerpoint has about a million slides to allow for jumping around based on questions. I have moved up the Feynman slides that I jumped to during the session on Saturday.



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