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      These two workshops will cover the following:

      1]Lights, Camera, Images
      Discover a variety of activities for use in the classroom when
      teaching light, colour and spectra. Find out how to make 3-D
      images and how a digital microscope can turn a small demo into
      a whole class activity. As well as collecting plenty of ideas for the
      use of images in general. Discuss this workshop on the
      Talkphysics Group –

      2] Real Graphs from Real Data
      As well as introducing a novel and inexpensive experiment we’ll discuss:
      Modelling good graph drawing
      Control variables
      ‘True value’
      Lines of best fit
      Confidence and error bars – this practical gives instant error bars.

      “I really liked this activity because of how quick, simple and fun it
      was, with potentially such a lot of learning opportunities.”


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