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      Presentation here: “Exploring the Dynamic Universe” presentation

      The movies will not work, but you can get my two short ones here:

        Double transit movie

        Jupiter Occultation movie


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      Can anyone else get hold of the uploaded files? I just get an icon for everything, not the actual file.

      If it is not just me, I’ll try another way of uploading the things…


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      Did you use the “Add resource” button after you post? That seems to work. The old way of uploading files doesn’t seem to.

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      I can’t seem to get them.

      Is there any way of getting a copy of the stars orbiting something at the galactic core movie?

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      Gary: Thanks – I’ll try then when I next get into the office (probably later this week).

      Alastair: I’ll have to track down where my movie came from, but there are various rather nice alternatives ones here: http://www.eso.org/public/news/eso0846/ (see the Right hand side)

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