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      I’ve just set up a group for Cambridgeshire IOP Teacher Network.

      I thought I’d try to invite other users so we get a good number of people using the forum. Is there any way I can ‘search’ for users rather than browsing for them?

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      You can search by username (i.e. jondclarke), and the user’s name (i.e. “Jon” or “Clarke”), but that’s all at the moment. We have no facility, for instance, of searching by geographical area. It was planned to add this for the administrators so that we can analyse usage of the website.

      Is this something that you would like as well? How about other users – what searches would you like to be able to do?

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      The ‘search’ box hidden at the top of the screen does search through users, Ally, though I haven’t worked out quite what order they come back in.


      You might find it easiest just to email the group page URL to your Cambridgeshire contacts, to be honest.

      Those page references numbers seems to stay pretty fixed. [Though they need to log in at the front page first.]


      This might  also encourage people who haven’t signed up to register.

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      Bit of a crossover with Jon there, oops.


      Geographical user and event searches would be handy from a PNC point of view, but I imagine that’s getting quite technical…

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