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      Dear All,

      After some contemplation, the attached file is the beginnings of the next steps after our first meeting. We’ve been puzzling slightly on how to analyze and develop the results of your good work. And here is the suggestion.

      The attached spreadsheet is a collation of all the statements about electrostatics. The statements fell into some broad types:

      1. Statements of fact about physics (this was the type that we decided we wanted to base the map on, so this is the key type). It is column B in the spreadsheet.

      2. Vague statements (such as ‘Triboelectric series’).

      3. Performance statements (‘know that’, understand’ etc)

      4. And kind of activity statements.

      We have grouped the statements together and then done a bit of colour coding as follows:

      A. A mauve statement is probably redundant as it is a repeat or covered by another statement.

      B. A red statement is a statement in a column other than column B; so it needs (or needed) a column B statement to be generated.

      C. A bold statement in column B is likely to be one that we keep (in some form).

      Where there was a vague or performance statement that didn’t have a corresponding statement in column B, we have generated something (for now).

      The aim of the next step is to ensure that we have a set of statements of fact about physics that cover all the ideas that were on your maps. In effect, this should be column B.

      I think the next stage is to agree that we can delete (for now) all columns except  column B. By:

      – checking that there is nothing mauve that we want to keep.

      – delete all the mauve statements

      – check that the wording of the new statements in column B (i.e. a statement next to a red statement in one of the other columns) are OK and cover the sentiment of the red statement from which they are developed.

      – possibly add in new statements if there is anything missing.

      Column B will then be the basis for our statements of physics fact about electrostatics. So we can then delete (for now) all columns except column B. Of course, at any later stage, we can add to and edit those statements.

      At this stage, we just want to check that we are not losing anything by deleting all the other types of statement.

      If you are happy with us to do the checking, then we can do so. We will then produce a map of statements about electrostatics. If you would like to (and have time to) check this spreadsheet, that would be helpful.

      Also, it would be useful if you could let me know if you think this methodology works (or not); and we will do a similar thing for electric circuits.




      1308825690copy of electricity merged and organised 3.xls

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