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      Here are the many replies I thought had something loosely linked to motivation/stimulation etc

      ideas Teachers rarely now have opportunities to stop and reflect on their practice and investigate fresh ideas when delivering topics. Good CPD enables teachers to reflect on their practice and gives them the time and security to try out new ideas with an experienced coach to support them.
      questioning leads you to question your practice
      Reflective makes the participant reflect upon what they do, why and what they might do differently.
      Challenge One or more preconceptions challenged/addressed
      Inspiring Encourages you to consider or change your teaching practice, and to evaluate the impact of that change.
      Good CPD give a teacher a sense of purpose. As in … “I want to try that”. It doesnt have to be something entirely new, but a new purpose. Positive, useful, worthy of time.
      stimulating has a lasting effect, is cpd beyond the actual event
      Inspiring Sufficiently well presented, with evidence of its value to make you want to implement change.
      Challenging Good CPD should not simply re-affirm what you already know but should challenge you to take on new ideas (i.e. the “D” in CPD)
      thought-provoking Causing a change in attitudes / behaviour (for the benefit of student/teacher)
      stimulating CPD that requires participants to reflect on the why and how of their current practice in a critical/evaluative manner
      Stimulating Experience gained at the CPD inspires teachers to trial some ideas/resources in their own school and, report back to others on the CPD through email/social media.
      Sustainable That the cod will have lasting effect
      interesting worth my time and gives useful information
      Engaging Inspires and enables
      Engaging Something that can help me engage my own pupils
      Stimulating Engaging
      engaging Held attention, interested, or as a deliverer felt that this was happening
      Enthusing If I am not engaged and motivated, I’m not any better.
      Engaging Those attending are able participate wholeheartedly with the training, both giving and receiving.
      Exciting It inspires me to want to try something new.
      enthusing Improving teacher engagement with pupils and subject matter
      Interesting. You are engaged in the session.
      Engagement To hook your students
      Engaging Holds delegate attention throughout
      Engaging Teachers are interested in the CPD and will use it in school.
      stretching has to be stuff I don’t know and has to challenge me
      Ideas One or more ideas will be used
      New Not something I’ve already read/ seen
      new something which refreshes your outlook
      Topical Shows that we are following modern developments in Science
      Ideas Exposure to ideas, in presentation or discussion, that I would not come up with alone.
      Enjoyable Teachers want quick wins, improved confidence and a break from the stresses of the day.
      Fun Physics should be fun
      Enjoyable Likely to make me want to dig deeper or put into effect…
      Fun. It takes time and effort to attend CPD these days. Teachers need to enjoy being there. The best content can be lost by a boring day.

      Are there any themes that jump out at you? You can see it’s quite diverse (or maybe you don’t!).

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      I tried to upload a word cloud image but it didn’t work. Thought it might help.

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      Would it work any better as an attachment?

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      Pretty and comprehensive.  Was (re)viewing a video coaching series this morning on more or less this evening’s topics and they covered very similar ideas.

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      Do you have a link?

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      Tuesday – I haven’t made much progress on this. Lots of progress as to why the events are motivating, but less so linking any of that to what people said in the initial survey. Where I’m at at the moment is….engaging is the word that sticks out most. What exactly does that mean? Is it just because we’re doing something subject specific? And by teachers for teachers?

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      Wednesday – during an interview today passion was mentioned. I know we have often mentioned passion for physics as being important, and yet there was no use of the word passion at all in the initial open text survey. Engagement is mentioned. In the negative questions I asked about bad CPD, irrelevance was the top answer. Is engagement and hence motivation, tied in to direct implementation?

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