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      Would it be possible to have some way of organising files? They might be in folders or attached to a tree, but something other than just all in one folder and tagged.

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      Maybe. This is thought of primarliy a forum (in the traditional roman sense) / discussion place, rather than a repository….so for the SPT materials, for example, these live elsewhere and I make links to them. No VLEs that I have experienced do a good job of file management, so I’d encourage you to think about that as a solution – especially if you are going to put up files > 26 M.Cry



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      The tag search (top of the page) is a partial answer, but many users here may not be tagging experts. A good description will be found by a good search engine.

      Unfortunately, the site (either through talkphysics or sptconnect) doesn’t appear to be indexed by google. Is this a mistake? If we can’t google, then we’ll need to have our own dedicated search engine.

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      The tagging doesn’t really work for me. I can only tag using previously made tags (with difficulty) and can’t creat new ones.

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      I think there will be  few users that need to maintain a strutured repository of files, for supporting a network. BUt most will be occasinally putting things up as a part of a dicusssion – “this is what I use”, or “this is what I mean”. The latter use is what TalkPhysics wil support effectively and natively.


      Tagging will be of two kinds:

      1) structured, by tick box, so applied every time a file is uploaded as a part of a discussion.

      2) more free form , as currently in the box. (Gary – maybe try another browser to see if that is it – don’t know why you cannnot trype into the box to ccreate another one…)


      re search. Agree that we may need to beef up the currrent internal search, but let’s wait until version 1.0 (Jan), and then see what might be useful after using that for a while.

      At the moment Google can see inside the site if you set the permissions corecctly, but I don;t hink we want ot broadcast everything that members say….



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      I tried to embed a pdf file into a group discussion (Scottish Teachers) but it didn’t embed. Don’t know where the file went.

      Can we have embedded/attached files in a discussion thread?

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      Yes NIck, it will be so…

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      real soon now

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      The methods of tagging and searching for discussions and resources will be improved. Attached resources will work quite well with the system, but embedded resources do not at the moment, so this will be refined soon.

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      As requested… joining in a discussion.

      I am still unable to upload pictures or files in to a message like this one. I go to the little picture icon and try to upload a file but nothing seems to happen after the upload, and the file is not available to include in the message.


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      re testing

      as requested I clicked on the lost password button and supplied my user name. An email link was sent to me immediately.

      I have had similar problems to David with uploading and down loading files.

       Christine Mayson

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      Ditto to the above – can’t upload files

      1266270118estimated time cost.xls

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      David and Christine – Hi thank you for checking.

      Do you see an “Add a Resource” link just to the left of any of your old comments? If so, please could you try this. This attachment has worked for me as a normal user (that is when I’m not logged in as an administrator), and it is obviously crucial that this works for other users before we launch.

      What does not work for me currently is embedding, that is clicking on the “insert/edit” buttons whilst writing a comment, and I think we will simply disable this feature as soon as we can (the developer is busy doing other bug fixes right now).

      Graham – thank you for giving me feedback. But I can see an Excel spreadsheet attached to your last comment. Are you saying that this was not you, or that it did not attach in the way you expected?

      Gary – unfortunately, Elgg simply does not allow for storing files in a structured way, with folders, etc. For internal IoP staff, we have a separate structured file server (at http://www.box.net), and it might be that we find a way of offering that at least to all IoP staff, such as yourself, and possibly also to some other heavy users. The developers could not find any social networking software that handled resources in that way (for instance, the phpBB we used for our residents association likewise only allowed “flat” file storage).


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      Jon et al-

      Gary already knows about / has access to the box.net facility. He could, if he chose take more control, of his area and license 5 sub users – PNCs….? To maintain structured file stores on his behalf…..Dean has a similar facility for the PTLC. 

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      Hi – we have disabled the “embed” buttons, so files can only be added as a “Resource” – an attachment – afterwards. Solved. Jon

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      The add resource button seems to work for me.  David.

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