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      (Not really a suggestion or an issue, but I can’t think of a better home right now…)

      We’ve been exploring free tools to support online networking, and here are some of the ones that look useful. Feel free to suggest any others:

      Video – easy to film with a webcam and either attach to a post, or upload to YouTube and embed in a post.

      Annotating a drawing – can create a new drawing in Google Docs, change “private to only me” to “anyone with the link” and “anyone can edit”. Email others the link, and everyone can annotate and draw live, and see what everyone else is doing.

      Screen capture – can use CamStudio freeware to video the screen, and set it to record a microphone (e.g. from a webcam) at the same time, so you can doodle, draw, use software, etc., whilst talking over it.

      Equation editor – found this free online equation editor at SciWeavers, so you can copy and paste complex equations as jpgs, etc.

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