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      Hi – as some of you will have spotted, there has been precisely no development on TalkPhysics for a while. This followed uncertainty over the funding of the entire Stimulating Physics Network. That funding has continued (newsletter here), but we’re giving careful thought to best use of DfE and IOP funds.

      Happily, TalkPhysics on its existing Elgg platform is sufficiently stable and usable that it has ticked along ok during this phase, with continuing posts, etc. and without any major failures.

      We’re considering moving to Drupal, and might do an absolute minimum of new work on the Elgg until a new version of TalkPhysics is launched on a new platform. We are also considering other platforms, or even simply sticking with Elgg for another year (in which case we’ll do a bit more work on it).

      Drupal holds out the promise of being more flexible, powerful and easily customised than Elgg.

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