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      Seem to be flaky


      – the SPT downloads and announcements group had one. When I tried to add a new post it seemnigly no longer has one. Other groups don’t seem to have one.


      – what is the expected functionality here – is this feature supposed to be working? Who has access to write the group blog? All memebers, or only the owner? (IXUSS question)

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      If I try to get to  do New group blog entry


      from this page I get:

      Please log in or register to view this page

      Access denied
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       from https://www.talkphysics.org/groups/1178


      Group blog


      is now there… whereas it was not…see above.


      And it s repeatable


      I’m now getting:




      Page not found

      The requested page could not be found.
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      Hi Ian,

      This is a known issue with group navigation that has been reported to our developers.  If you access the group blog (or create a new blog post) from the home page, or the blog home page, (as opposed to after reading a thread, for example), it should work.

      I appreciate that this is in no way ideal, but it is being worked on.


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