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      There are 70 or so groups — and therefore at most 70 group owners.  As a proportion of the 1600 members, this doesn’t seem to warrant the devotion of one of the three “discussions in…” tabs (on the Home page) to “Groups I made”.

      I would suggest “The Hub” (although, see my other post regarding my confusion of what this is), “All groups” and “My groups”, the latter being an amalgamation of “Groups I’m in” and “Groups I made”.

      How else can I know which groups are active, without trawling through them all on a regular basis?

      I’d also suggest a “Last post yesterday by Stuart Billington” (etc) comment on each group title banner, wherever they are listed (be it the full list of groups or on the My Page -> Groups I’m In page, etc).

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      PS Title of this thread isn’t escaping properly on the forum list

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      Hi – we’re modifying the Hub, and were going to move to The Hub / All open groups / Groups I’m in / Groups I made. That’s a useful idea, that the last of those will have few users. Let’s run with the new version for a week or so, then review. Jon

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      Oh, I see what you mean about the title. We’ve had something similar with ampersands before, which our developer solved. We’ll look at it. Jon

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      We’re going to make many of these changes that you suggest, and generally make more useful that landing page you see when you log-in. This is likely to “go live” in mid-July.

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