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      Can anyone tell me how to stop following a thread without unsubscribing from the whole group? Some go on and on and on and on ……. 



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      you could simply stop making the thread longer.

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      Not very helpful! Some of us aren’t involved in threads (so we aren’t “making it longer”!) But will still get updates for every reply!


      I know what Wendy means… I would like updates on new topics but don’t really want an e mail for every reply to every thread.


      Another forum I am on sends an email update when there is a new reply to the topic but you don’t receive any further emails about the topic until you actually log in and view the topic. If this option is available here let me know! Another had the option to “follow” a topic, so you only get updates for the topic s you are following.

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      I would like to thank Wendy and Hannah for raising some important issues.

      I am fairly certain that the only choice with the current set up is either to receive notification of all posts to the News and Comment group or by checking the site to select those topics/threads that you wish to subscribe to. I will check with the developers tomorrow on the possibility of a more bespoke set up.

      I think the comments also raise some quite difficult issues about striking a balance between allowing people to have their say but at the same time recognising that most discussions/arguments peter out. This is a debate that the TalkPhysics community needs to have and I will reflect on the best way to set this up.


      Dennis Waugh

      Manager TalkPhysics

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      The simplest way to cope with this is not to post questions about teaching a particular topic in News and Comment. There are other forums more suited to detailed discussion. This one is described as being for  things of transient interest. So a bit of thoughtfulness from all will help all to manage the flow….It may be that whilst we learn this, that the admins will have to move posts out of this group, to say, teaching physics 14-16…..

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      The possibility of a more bespoke setup for notifications has previously been raised with the developers but proved to be too expensive to implement.

      Thanks to Wendy and Hannah for raising it.

      I have moved the topic to Issues and Suggestions for TalkPhysics.

      It may be that more guidance on the use of groups and notifications would be helpful.


      Dennis Waugh

      Manager TalkPhysics

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