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      Here’s an update on the analysis I did two years ago, looking at who posts in TalkPhysics, and how much – https://www.talkphysics.org/node/3248 .


      First up, which roles the 825 people have who have registered since our relaunch (5 September 2012):

      So mostly existing teachers, followed by trainee teachers.


      We can compare that with the roles of all the 460 people who have posted since TalkPhysics originally launched (15 February 2010):

      So again the biggest single group is teachers, followed by trainee teachers. However, give-or-take a bit of guesswork about what roles the 36% are whose profiles are incomplete, it may be significant that “supporters of teachers” make up 3x a larger share compared to those who registered, while trainees make up 0.5x a share. We could guess that experienced teacher-trainers are more confident, and have more to say, while trainees are happy to watch and listen until they gain the confidence to ask a question or share an experience.


      What proportion of users make contributions? This is based on all 6943 user records (except the few that have been deleted, e.g. IOP IT contractors who were testing the system):

      This tells us that:

      • 89.7% of users haven’t posted.
      • 80% of posts are made by the 1.2% of users (85) who have posted 17 or more times. 
      • 4 of us (myself, Ian Lawrence, Mark Crookes, Gary Williams) have made 39% of the posts.


      For the fully geeky – the best fitting power-law model shows that the probability of a user posting n times is proportional to n^-1.86: 

      \dpi{200} p\left ( n \right )\propto n^{-1.86}


      Overall, these results are very similar to when I lasted rummaged around two years ago.


      Where do our new users live? Here are the people who have registered since our relaunch:

      No surprise that registrations are dominated by the two home countries supported by the Institute of Physics – the UK (where most of our fieldworkers work), followed by Ireland, where we also have fieldworkers. (Thank you Physics Network Co-ordinators and Teaching & Learning Coaches!) The USA is no huge suprise – a country with a large population, sharing the same language, and common access to the internet – with France a rather distant 4th. But a significant minority (11%) altogether from other countries.


      How does that compare with where people visit the site from? These are the Google Analytics for the same period as these registrations:

      So the same top three there, showing roughly that the same countries visit as often as they register, with the Ukraine a distant 4th, and again a significant minority (10%) from outside the top three.


      Finally, here are the latest usage results:

      It’s rather striking that our relaunch on 5 September 2012 seems to have reverse a year of decline in usage. The posts per week peaks each September-October, but the visits and registrations have also climbed significantly.








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      Still got Australia and Canada as other english speaking nations to target 😉

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