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      The main feature of the Infrared part of the workshop was the camera I made from a cheap webcam.
      Here is an IR glow stick seen through it with the filter I removed placed back in front of it.

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      Most of the demonstrations I have shown you for IR used a web camera I have removed the IR filter from.

      The web cam I used was this one


      I think this one is the same. I have ordered one and will post if it is the same once I have inspected it.


      I have attached a pdf showing how to take the camera apart and remove the filter.


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      I showed you a £5 note under IR illumination from one of the above LEDs.

      You can either do this in the dark or use a visible light filter.
      The one I had was from mindsets and cost £7.15


      You could just purchase some polarising filter. For £1.74 and cut out two pieces then cross them at 90 degrees 


      Developed film and the inside of old floppy disks also works

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      Once you have made the camera you will need some IR LEDs.

      Mindsets sell them


      However if you can use eBay they are really cheap. They do take a few weeks to come from China.


       I have put the LED in a holder in the picture below. You can just use them simply with a battery.

      The image on the left is a normal camera and the image on the right is my IR filter removed camera

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      You can also show how IR being part of the Electromagnetic spectrum will undergo Total Internal Reflection.
      The LED holder I used came from the mindsets Sep Sample Pack Waves And Radiation


      It is worth purchasing the kit, however I have emailed mindsets to enquire about just purchasing the holders.

      Then you need some optical fibre


      I cut a length then glued it into the holder using epoxy resin.

      I had one with a red LED in to show you all TIR in the optical

      Then make the same thing with an IR LED and use your modified camera to show TIR.

      I also like the way you can show how the thick plastic is transparent to the IR from the LED. Look at the holder in the video above, you can see all the IR passing straight through it. 


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