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      A battery powered mini-air-puck. Ideal for explaining Newton’s laws or Galileo’s ideas on motion or the effects of friction.
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      You can also make a simple version of this using an old CD, a sports bottle top, some blutac and a balloon.  Full details here:


      The Wallace and Gromit inventions programme also has instructions for building a hovercraft – but it’s a bit trickier!



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      This is some of the blurb:
      Kick it, pass it, hit it with a stick!
      This is great fun. Play football , hockey, bowling and loads of other great games. A virtually indestructible hovering Frisbee which floats just
      millimetres from the ground. You can play with it on paths, driveways, floors and even carpets.
      Hit it with a stick or just use it as a football.
      Great for wall ball or a good kick around with your mates.
      it’s bright, lightweight and safely surrounded by a protective rubber bumper.

      Comes with a rechargeable NiCad battery and wall-mountable plug-in charger for lots of kick time — a full two-hour charge gives you plenty of juice for 30 minutes of non-stop action.
      There is a Physics Education review of Kick-dis
      Themes: Forces and motion

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