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      The core functions of the website are functioning well, some of which have involved fundamental customisation of the underlying Elgg software, for instance:

      • registering new users,
      • creating IOP “Hub” and “Resource Groups” with are automatically open to all users,
      • allowing users to create their own special interest groups,
      • allowing groups to be either open (public) or closed (private),
      • adding topics & comments,
      • adding “resources” (files) – this is an extensive modification of basic Elgg,
      • adding bookmarks – another extension to Elgg.

      So, rather than delay any further, we have chosen to publicise this version of the website. There are some known problems which we are already working on and will be resolved as soon possible. This is a long list, and we will let users know as we resolve them:

      • debugging
        • email notification of new content;
        • RSS feeds;
        • the mass mailout function, so that we can email all users;
        • users adding events to calendars;
        • adding events to calendars automatically via a .ics feed;
        • embedding movies;
      • development
        • making some topics “sticky”, so they can be “pinned” to the top of a group forum;
        • making tagging more flexible, including tagging comments and resources, ensuring that the same tagging options appear for all types of item, and ensuring that searches find all types of item, including comments and resources;
        • an administrators’ interface to manage to list of suggested tags;
        • making sure that embedded items (within a topic or comment) are treated as resources (the same as those with are attached to a topic or comment);
        • ensuring that we can change who “owns” a group, so that, for instance, if an area’s PNC changes, their successor could continue with the same group members, content, etc.
        • tweaking many existing features that would make the site more intuitive and usable, such as showing in the dashboard the name of the group in which a discussion is occurring, rather than the type of group.

      I hope you all find this website useful, and look forward to working with you in improving it.


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      Hi Jon

      Sorry if this has been posted before, when I created a new Special Interest Group, I wasn’t able to edit a website link onto its page.



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      Hi Manchi – could you give me a bit more detail. Where precisely would you like the link from and to? Is it that you want to be able to post a link that points at the special interest group from somewhere else, or create a bookmark for yourself, or place a link to somewhere else on the group’s page?

      You should be able to edit the group’s description, where you could place a link, e.g. Groups / create your own group / description. One of the editor’s buttons, which looks like a chain, is “edit / insert link”, where you should be able to insert the URL of the page you wish to link to.

      Does that help? Please let me know you get on. Jon

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