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      One user, Ruth, has requested that within a topic the newest posts show at the top, not the bottom. Anyone else got a strong preference either way around?

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      At the top works well if you’re regularly following events and don’t want to scroll down all the time.

      At the bottom works well if you’re reading the thread for the first time.


      Though that’s a bit obvious, I suppose.


      Can you do a compressing/expanding thing, so you can see all the names and choose which ones to expand?

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      If either/or, I’d choose top.  But can’t we have a toggle link that, at worst, just reloads the page with a different sort order passed to the db server?

      Can we have more posts per page, too?

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      Can we have a toggle for the list of threads, too, please?  Need to be able to sort by “date created”, “most recent post” and “most posts”.

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      Worth considering (and then possibly rejecting) is some sort of “number of times read” or “number of individual readers” thing. It keeps posters aware of the lurkers..

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