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      I delivered a LCI session without the box  at a CPD event.   I gave each participant:  a pair of red/cyan glasses, 5 LEDs, a button cell, some UV beads and a glow in the dark star.  They used these in groups of three to try colour mixing etc.  The rest of the activities were with the whole group.  They also recieved a resource sheet which told them how to get the powerpoint I used (via Talkphysics), the suppliers of materials and some websites.  This took an hour.

      I took some Waterbubbles, a camera, mobile phone and 2 pieces of polaroid film.  The centre provided an OHP, prism, tonic and fizzy water and an UV lamp, along with beakers and stands.

      The evaluations were all very good. I’ve posted the resource sheet and will add the powerpoint too.

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      I should have said I also took a flip book and an IR thermometer, but I didn’t use them the second time round.  I also considered taking a lenticular bookmark but the session was already quite full as I had to allow time to explain Talkphysics.

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