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      I’ve tried to collate all user requests for TalkPhysics development so far into a spreadsheet. I’ve used a public Google Doc, here. Anyone can read it and various IOP staff can write to it.

      It’s not perfect, but it’s our best attempt so far at gathering the different comments into one place, including some made in person to me. At our forthcoming TalkPhysics board meeting at the IOP, I’ll propose that the items suggested here by two or more users are the high priority items that should be completed if we get further funding for development. Note that this does not include reports of bugs, which I add directly to the separate spreadsheet by which I co-ordinate work with the developer.

      9 requests made by multiple users:

      • tags vanishing when editing group information – likely to be part of whole separate “tag & search” bundle of work
      • Searching of tags – likely to be part of whole separate “tag & search” bundle of work
      • being able to post from smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry named – also Android?) – likely to be part of a whole separate “smartphones” bundle of work
      • Editing posted topics or adding a ‘preview’ button
      • Option of daily (weekly?) notification email per group, rather than every individual post
      • Give recognition to users who contribute most
      • HTML-formatted emails
      • Let my page “group membership” list run to full length, not restrict to current ~4
      • Link hopping

      12 requests made by two users:

      • search users by location, job title, etc. – likely to be part of whole separate “tag & search” bundle of work
      • Sort topics by date and reverse date toggle
      • ‘Number of times read’ data on topics
      • open links as new tabs
      • Mouse-over for group homepages, group discussion topics page, older discussions on homepage, etc.
      • don’t show Hub in “Other groups” tab, show only Special Interest Groups
      • Don’t show Hub in “Groups I’m in” tab, show only special interest groups
      • list of groups: sort by 1) alphabetically, 2) and 3) by creation date (both directions) and 4) by number of users, 5) Activity
      • Let “groups I’m in list” run to full list, not restrict to current ~10
      • Need to distinguish between common names in user’s displayed name and on email notifications
      • Provide way for topic to sit in two groups. See #37.
      • ‘add topic’ link on group pages for non-members, leading to a ‘would you like to join this group?’ popup


    • #19306
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      Should have included in the list suggestions from multiple users “Make forgotten password and forgotten username procedures easier”. Forgetting the log-on details are by far our most common user problem, with hundreds of requests for help with this since TalkPhysics launched.

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