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      Just in case this ahsn’t been noticed (although expect that it has)…

      My browser does remember me between sessions as long as I don’t log in from anywhere else in the meantime.  Logging in from a different machine (or even the same machine, but with a different browser?) clears the previous cookie’s validity.  This must be a host issue — only recognising the most recently issued session cookie, rather than maintaining all of the past ones (this could be done at least for a period of time)?

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      Yup. We went round the houses on that one 108 days ago 😉



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      Ah…so you did.  🙂

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      We hadn’t explicitly stated in our new requirements that it must allow “remember me” from different PCs, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. And it may well be a quirk of Elgg, given that other sites don’t normally operate this way, so if (when) we pick up a new system, hopefully this will resolve itself.

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