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      Is there an option to get an entire forum post sent if you have asked for notifications?


      When facebook started doing this with internal messaging, I found it most useful, and I tended to log in to answer more often.

      Currently I get the first line or two, with lots of ‘&nbsp’ in it.


      (Obviously this would get clunky if forums started to really take off, but then people could choose to turn it off.)


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      I’ve been thinking the same. If it’s not the whole message – then at least a bit more of it.

      It would be useful to have the name of the person who posted as well. And I think the format is a bit clunky at the moment.

      So, not asking for much!!

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      Facebook now also let you respond to some posts on your profile by email. Their servers then work out which bit is your comment and add it to the “conversation” on your profile.  This is very useful, but if we had this for talkphysics.org… what is a talkphysics.org forum for?

      For me, a combination of email and forum works well. Google Groups work like that (and Yahoo Groups to some extent).  You can reply by email or on the website, but the big advantage is that whatever method you choose, the website keeps the conversations in “threads” so that you can find what you are looking for later.


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      Hi David. I haven’t tried a Goodle group. We looked into the possibility of being able to reply to e-mails and them being posted in a group forum and it was way beyond what we could get implemented. Essentially, the mailserver aspect is a huge undertaking in itself. I imagine, given that Google have googlemail, it was a more straightforward task for them to plug in some back-room power to the forum. I fear it will remain beyond us until someone builds a huge free on-line plug-in to cope with incoming mail.

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      Are the email notifications now more as people would like them? Jon

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      Yes from me!

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      Though it would be lovely if you could remove the need for the bit that says

      …please log-in to TalkPhysics then…

      it would make things much more fluid, and might increase likelihood of posting substantially


      I think that means getting the “remember me” button on the login page to function, which I imagine is rather a big deal involving a whole barrel of cookies…

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      Yes, our developer’s been working on this one, and we’ve hit frustrating problems. At least we wanted a user to be able to click on a hyperlink, be taken to the log-in page, and then automatically go straight to the relevant page after logging in. It’s doubling annoying because for some reason, something like this works for the administrators under certain circumstances, and we’re struggling to pin down how it works for them.

      We’ll keep working on it.

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