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      After the inaugural SPN CPD conference in London, several suggested that the maps used there might be of wider use.

      These maps were based around the idea that one ought to think of the teaching and learning challenges in approaching a topic, so the detailed maps have been filed in the supporters groups for each of the topics. The summaries here outline the categories and explain what each of these different kinds of things is about.


      The maps draw on the SPT materials, but don’t follow them slavishly, since quite a loot of INSET has happened with them post publication, and we’ve learnt from this.

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      Here is an explanation of the terms:

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      And here is how / where those coloured boxes turn up in the SPT pdfs…

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      There is now one or more pairs of maps (challenges+possible solutions) in each of the SPT 11-14 topic supporters’ areas…

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