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      Attached are the files from (VPLab version 10) for the Mouse Click Timer, and the X- and Y- position recorders. Also attached are two driver files. You will need to unzip the files first.


      The Mouse Click Timer is the program to use if you are using your datamouse as a replacement for light gates. Simply wire up reed switches to the left mouse button, and place a magnet on the dynamics trolley or air track glider you are timing. When the magnet passes a reed switch, this will be recorded on the Mouse Click Timer.


      The X- and Y- position recorders are for use with the datamouse as a pendulum. Use a hot-melt glue gun to glue a BBQ skewer to one of the rollers that rub against the mouse ball (yes, it has to be a ball mouse). When this skewer swings from side to side, the recorder tracks its oscillations on the screen. I’ve included X- and Y-  so you don’t have to worry which roller you are glueing to.


      All of these need to be in the same folder as the two .dll files, which are driver files needed to make them work.


      I have obtained permission from John Nunn of the NPL to give these files to participants in Datamouse workshops. However, you may wish to attend a VPLab workshop and recieve all 300 or so simulations!


      Best wishes,


      Richard Grimmer


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