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      I have downloaded the files and followed all the instructions, but most of the links don’t work. It is too frustrating to use in its present state.

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      Hi Frances – could you give us a little more detail? At what stage does it go wrong?

      Do you manage to download the zip files, or are these the links that fail for you? (We tested the downloads again recently, and have confirmed they work.)

      Do you manage to unzip these into their topic folders, or there a problem with zip files for your IT system?

      Do you manage to double-click on the topic menu and get the starting page, e.g. SPT_11-14_Em_Topic_menu.pdf, or is there a problem with Adobe Reader version 9 on your IT system?

      Do you manage to get from the topic menu into, say, the Physics Narrative pages?

      Thank you for any further information – Jon

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      Hi Jon

      The problem was getting from the topic menu. I could get to the Overview but nowhere else. I tried again just now and could get to the Physics Narative, TL, TA sections. I have no idea why it works today as i have not changed anything. But if you go to ‘Get support sheets’ you cannot get back to where you were.

      I hope this helps

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      Hi Frances, can I check that you have the latest version of Adobe PDF reader? (Available here: http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ ) That might make it run a little more smoothly.

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      You’re right that there is no simple way of returning from the support sheets. It is the same with all of the SPT resources.

      One way around it is to open the Attachments tab, and get to the support sheets that way – it leaves the main page open at the same time. Or, after opening the support sheets, go to the File menu and you’ll see the topic menu listed as one of the recently opened files.

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      Actually there is rather a simple way. The support sheets open in a new window, so the >Window menu item reveals the window you have juts jumper from.

      Please see the notes on navigation here:



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