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      Hi all,

      Here are the links to the various websites I spoke about on the day.  If you’re reading this you’ve already got the hang of talkphysics.org – if this is your first visit have a look around & see what else is happening on this site. 

      http://www.iop.org – the IOP’s website has had a face-lift.  Try the ‘Education’ section, or ‘content tailored for teachers’. 

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      Supporting Physics Teaching (SPT) resources can also be found on talkphysics.org

      These are rich & comprehensive pdfs covering the entire physics KS3 curriculum (KS4 electricity & energy is also available, more KS4 resources on their way..)

      Download these by joining the relevant groups linked from the talkphysics home page.  Please read the instructions before downloading as these are large animated files & need to be downloaded & saved correctly. 

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