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      This is a slightly long-term set of wishes/suggestions. As this site gets busier, being subscribed to News and Comment means you get quite a lot of notifications. It would be nice, therefore, if could opt out of notifications for a topic (i.e. once you have seen one post to t opic on thickness of fuse wire, say, you can choose to not follow that discussion).

       At the moment, you can choose to start receiving notifications in one given topic. But you can’t stop.

       A further development, would be that the e-mail notification had a link that allowed you to opt out of notifications at a topic level. Currently there is a link that allows you ‘unsubscribe’ from all notifications. This does at least show that it would be technically possible to have a link within the e-mail that allows an individual to log out. It shouldn’t be too complicated to make that a topic-level opt out.

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