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      The decision to make things available as pdfs, with the consequence that people must download to access the files, was not taken lightly.

      I am in deepest rural Worcestershire, with an actual download speed of 1.57 Mb / s (as tested now).
      There are currently three others using the this service (skype/ email+spotify/ email+web+chat), so four of us altogether (I’m  using – chat / web/ email clients all up and running). So a pretty heavy domestic load.
      In spite of this I get the first forces file in under half an hour (and that’s one of the largest files of all (297 M): Light and sound and energy are all at 50 M. In fact the entire resource (all 6 topics) is less to download (1.2 G) than a single film through iTunes (1.5 G)…
      My testing suggests that it the speed reducing congestion tends to occur in the ISP, rather than in the server. 
      Given that schools / universities have rather faster broadband than me, and that all PGCE / SCITT folk will be working in these I expect that downloading will be a one-off chore, but not a showstopper. The potential upside of this route is the potential for increased interactivity between users, update-ability, and assumed familiarity with the Adobe reader platform.


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