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      I’m thinking of doing a ~2hr session with the PI workshops in conjunction with one of ours.

      Radioactivity (PI 03) + Hands On Particle Physics
      Quantum (PI 02) + EM Spectrum
      Circular Motion (PI 01) + VPLab

      I’m thinking that it’ll be a broader range because round here if I just do a VIth form workshop I’ll get very few. If I make it a bit broader I can tweak it depending on who I get. If folk find it challenging with the PI material then they’ll have learnt something and I’ll cut more quickly to one of our workshops.

      I’m guessing we’ll spend longer on the PI stuff than the other bits. With VPLab I was going to largely concentrate on the circular motion simulations.

      Session 1

      1. Introduce PI
      2. Explain how to access materials and collect register and give out codes.
      3. Video – models of the atom
      4. Scattering experiments
      5. Bubble chamber detective
      6. Particle Zoo Card activities
      7. Another bit of video?


      Then HoPP.

      Try and fit some of it into a table to finish?

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