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      The more I use talkphysics, the more I notice the stuff I write could happily sit in more than one place. Now I suppose that this is bound to happen, and has various possible work-arounds, such as tagging in a sensible manner. (Flickr, I still think, did a lot for the world in terms of tags)


      is it possible that a post could sit in two groups?

      I suppose what I’m thinking of at the moment is an incredibly complicated tangle of threads that could people could meaner along and around however they wanted. I’ve seen forums where threads can be split by users and different routes pursued, but never ones where they can be joined together.

      If you’ve ever seen that episode of the first series of Heroes where everyone’s world-lines are stretched across the room as pieces of string, knotted together at important intersections of their lives you’ll have some idea of the image I have in my head as I type.

      [Sorry if this is all a bit utopian again, but it’s summer outside the window.]

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      I’ve just gone and defined a sort of world wide web of hyperlinked pages, haven’t I?

      I suppose the question is how to do it all in a user friendly “Web 2.7” kind of way.

      There was a tag cloud on here once…

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      It might not be a perfect solution, but bear in mind that you can post a brief topic in another group, pointing at your original comment. See my pairs of comments:



      Whilst you can’t search by tags yet, you will be able to by the end of Summer, so you can tag your posts to show they fit several categories.

      We could reinstate the tag cloud after searching has been improved. There is an Elgg plugin – http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/steven/read/384276/tagcloud-plugin.

      Would other users like the tag cloud?

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