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      Hello fellow Edexcel teachers,

      The HoS changed to the new Edexcel spec.  Any suggestions on what I can use for exam prep?  I have the two sample assessment materials, but several questions are not very good quality, in my opinion.  We may be purchasing materials from CGP.  Perhaps if you used to do Edexcel, the new spec is not dissimilar to the old one?

      (I do hope they write a good quality paper .. I thought the P1 November paper was poorly matched to the spec., asked questions in an unnecessarily complicated way, and permitted answers I thought were wrong .. exam boards must get these things right … there isn’t time to resit, and the 40% rule applies too)

      There is much frustration vented on the Edexcel forum about the % of top grades.  We don’t have any results to comment from, as yet.  My concern is we will be judged against Fischer Family Trust data, which I understand is historical, so we are going to perform poorly against this measure, if the comments on the November results are to be believed.



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