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      When saving an edit, words are reordered (e.g. in address), captial letters are removed (all fields — just first letter of field is left capitalised) and the “about me” bit is eaten (scrambled, then gone).

      My first name was also replaced with my full name, resulting in the previous “Stuart Billington Billington” issue reappearing.  I’ve reeditted it to fix, but not sure why it happened in the first place.

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      PS  To clarify, I’ve reeditted my first name to “Stuart Billington” and left my family name as blank.  This is so that I appear as “Stuart Billington” throughout the site and not as “Stuart”.  I feel that this should be a site for professionals to communicate professionally; it’s not Facebook…

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      We’d done quite a bit of work on sorting out names, and I’d hoped that was resolved. It looks like at least some users, including your account, still have a problem. I’ll pass this to our developer.

      We’ve drastically redesigned the profile page, so hopefully this will be resolved when these go live in the next week or so.

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