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      I’m open to suggestions.


      I have wanted one for ages and slowly people came on board realising it could be useful. I was happy with £250 for a casio as I think something around 400 fps at a reasonable resolution could find a lot of uses in physics. However when budgets were cut and we had to spend some of our money on more text books it got pushed to the bottom of the pile again.


      In an effort to revive it the idea of a camera available across several depts came up, which could then come from the IT budget.


      More people involved meant the spec went up and it ended up at cameras that would cost more like £10-20,000.


      That then died again.


      If anybody has experience of cameras that could do 400 fps at a reasonable resolution I’d be very interested. I think we could get £1000- £1500 if the spec suits more depts.

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      I found a blog from January 2013:



      I read this thread because we may be looking for a new one. We have a Casio Exilim, but our lighting setup (on a overhead projector) melted som plastic and fogged the lens.

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      How have you found the casio (which one is it)?  I still favour that if it comes from our budget but the IT Dept might spend a bit more.

      That article confirms what I thought, that the 100fps isn’t much use, but I had hoped the 480 fps might be. I don’t know but I wasn’t sure 240fps would produce anything that useful for physics. How did you find it?

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