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      Thanks everyone for reporting problems here, as you find them. Sorry I haven’t replied to anything yet – I’m still rather busy catching with things to do with the launch. 


      In that spirit, here’s a bug we just found ourselves:


      we’ve hit a serious problem: when searching for two-word search terms, it takes so long that it often times out. With one word (e.g. “forces” or “energy”), the search results appear within ten seconds.


      However, with any two-word phrase (e.g. “termly report” or “forces demonstration”), it either times out after more than 60 seconds, or does manage to return a result, but takes more than 30 seconds. We’ve confirmed this with two different users, on two different PCs, with two different browsers. On Firefox 15.0, it shows “Connecting…” and “Waiting for TalkPhysics”, and times out to a blank white page with no title with URL https://www.talkphysics.org/search/node/termly%20report .


      We’ll check with the developers whether there is a way of speeding up the search. 


      Has anyone noticed any other big performance issues: logging in, notifications, and posting all seem to happen in a reasonably short time.

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